Organisations of all types and sizes are exposed to various types of risks, due to inadequate strategy and processes. This is compounded by economic uncertainty, complexity and ever-increasing regulatory requirements.

Without a strong understanding of the risk factors and a well-defined strategy, combined with robust methodologies on how to manage them, organisations are guaranteed to suffer reputational damage, lose clients and money.

We are highly experienced professionals who are passionate about risk management, assurance, corporate governance and strategy. We are well positioned to deliver advisory services to all industries across all risk categories. We assist organisations to unlock shareholder value through reinforcing and enhancing their in-house resources to effectively identify, evaluate, measure and manage their risks that could negatively impact their strategic objectives.

LNYG Consulting is able to develop, review and enhance risk frameworks, policies, governance structures and ensure that management information supports the identification, management and mitigation of enterprise-wide risks.

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